Conference Site


The conference will take place at

Facultatea de Matematica si Informatica
Str. Academiei 14
Bucharest, Romania

A local map including the location of the conference and of Hotel Dequa and Hotel Academica is given here:

Access to Bucharest


Arriving in Bucharest by plane

International Airport: Otopeni, aka Henri Coandă — International, airport code is OTP or BUH for all Bucharest airports. Henri Coandă airport is located 10 Km North from the city entrance.


Transport to the city area from the airport:

After you check out your luggage, you can go to the exit and:


  • take a taxi to your hotel: A taxi must be ordered from a dedicated terminal screen installed in the airport. You can select the taxi compoany and the price/km (all of them should be approximately 1.5 Ron/km). Once selected, you must get in front of the building and look for the car you ordered (taxi company and the number on the car — not the registration number!), and show the ticket to the taxi driver. In case the taxi selected takes another passenger by mistake, or does not wait for you, just order another one from the same terminal. Taking other offerings as a taxi to the city, other than you ordered from the terminal, is not recommended.
  • take public transportation: RATB, lines 780 (to Gara Basarab — train station), or 783 (to Piata Unirii — City center.
  • rent a car: expensive! unless with a local company, but not highly recommended.


Arriving in Bucharest by train:

The Railway Station for international arrivals is "Gara de Nord", Bucharest. It is located near the center of the city (North). You can check the trains arriving in Bucharest here.

From "Gara de Nord", you can take: 

  • a taxi (no terminal to order one, just the usual way).
  • RTAB (public transportation).
  • Subway (Metro): big M sign.

You can also check the Bucharest public transit map.