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Monday, September 14


13.30-13.45: Opening


13.45-14.15: Doru Stefanescu. A new polynomial bound and its efficiency

14.15-14.45: Victor Y. Pan and Liang Zhao. Randomized Circulant Preprocessing

14.45-15.15: Alexander Prokopenya. Approximate Quantum Fourier Transform and Quantum Algorithm for Phase Estimation


15.45-16.15: Kai Jin, Jin­San Cheng and Xiao­Shan Gao. On the topology and visualization of plane algebraic curves

16.15-16.45: Ryszard Kozera and Lyle Noakes. Piecewise­-Quadratics and Reparameterizations for Interpolating Reduced Data

16.45-17.15: Dima Grigoriev. Polynomial complexity recognizing a tropical linear variety


17.30-18.00: Thomas Richard: Some new features in Maple 2015

18.00: Welcome Reception 



Tuesday, September 15


09.30-10.00: Nathan Bliss, Jeff Sommars, Jan Verschelde and Xiangcheng Yu. Solving Polynomial Systems in the Cloud with Polynomial Homotopy Continuation

10.00-10.30: Victor Y. Pan and Liang Zhao. Real Root Isolation by Means of Root Radii Approximation

10.30-11.00: Changbo Chen and Marc Moreno Maza. Simplification of Cylindrical Algebraic Formulas


11.30-12.30: Elias Tsigaridas. Bounds for the Condition Number of Polynomial Systems with Integer Coefficients (invited talk)


14.00-14.30:  Achim Hornecker: CloudMath – Math as a service out of the cloud

14.30-15.00: Satya Swarup Samal, Dima Grigoriev, Holger Fröhlich and Ovidiu Radulescu. Analysis of Reaction Network Systems using Tropical Geometry

15.00-15.30: Alexandra Goeke, Sebastian Walcher and Eva Zerz. Quasi­-steady state ­--­ Intuition, perturbation theory and algorithmic algebra


16.00-16.30: Heinz Kredel. Parametric solvable polynomial rings and applications

16.30-17.00: Alexander Gusev, Vladimir Gerdt, Sergue Vinitsky, Vladimir Derbov, Andrzej Gozdz and Aleksandra Pedrak. Symbolic algorithm for generating irreducible bases of point groups in the space of SO(3) group

17.00-17.30: Gennadi Malaschonok and Anton Scherbinin. Triangular Decomposition of Matrices in a Domain


17.45: Business Meeting



Wednesday, September 16


09.00-09.30: Katsusuke Nabeshima and Shinichi Tajima. Change of ordering for zero­dimensional standard bases via algebraic local cohomology classes

09.30-10.00: Mario Albert, Matthias Fetzer and Werner M. Seiler. Free Resolutions with Janet Bases

10.00-10.30: Paul Vrbik, Marc Moreno Maza, Éric Schost and Parisa Alvandi. A Standard Basis Free Algorithm for Computing the Tangent Cone


11.00-11.30: Alexander Maletzky. Automated Reasoning in Reduction Rings using the Theorema System

11.30-12.00: Dima Grigoriev and Fritz Schwarz. Computing divisors of quasi­linear partial differential equations

12.00-12.30: Dominik L. Michels, Dmitry A. Lyakhov, Vladimir P. Gerdt, Gerrit A. Sobottka and Andreas G. Weber. On the Partial Analytical Solution to the Kirchhoff Equation


14.00: Excursion to Monschau

19.00: Conference Dinner



Thursday, September 17


09.30-10.00: Maciej Janowicz, Joanna Kaleta, Filip Krzyżewski, Marian Rusek and Arkadiusz Orłowski. Homotopy analysis method for stochastic differential equations with Maxima

10.00-10.30: Andrey Banshchikov. Research on the Stability of Relative Equilibria of Oblate Axisymmetric Gyrostat by means of Symbolic-Numerical Modelling

10.30-11.00: Alexei Uteshev and Marina Yashina. Distance Evaluation Between an Ellipse and an Ellipsoid


11.30-12.30: Veronika Pillwein. Symbolic computation and finite element methods (invited talk)


14.00-14.30: Simone Szurmant. News from Wolfram Research

14.30-15.00: Sergei Abramov, Marko Petkovsek and Anna Ryabenko. Hypergeometric solutions of first­order linear difference systems with rational-­function coefficients

15.00-15.30: Moulay Barkatou, Thomas Cluzeau and Carole El Bacha. A New Approach for Computing Regular Solutions of Linear Difference Systems


16.00-16.30: François Lemaire and François Boulier. Finding First Integrals Using Normal Forms Modulo Differential Regular Chains

16.30-17.00: Parisa Alvandi, Changbo Chen, Amir Hashemi and Marc Moreno Maza. Regular Chains under Linear Changes of Coordinates and Applications

17.00-17.30: Thieu Vo Ngoc and Franz Winkler. Algebraic General Solutions of First Order Algebraic ODEs



Friday, September 18 


09.00-09.30: Viktor Levandovskyy. swMATH – an information service for mathematical software

09.30-10.00: Markus Rosenkranz, Jane Liu, Alexander Maletzky and Bruno Buchberger. Two-­Point Boundary Problems with One Mild Singularity and an Application to Graded Kirchhoff Plates

10.00-10.30: Alexander Gusev, Luong Le Hai, Ochbadrakh Chuluunbaatar, Vandandoo Ulziibayar, Sergue Vinitsky, Vladimir Derbov, Andrzej Gozdz and Vitaly Rostovtsev. Symbolic-­numeric solution of boundary-­value problems for the Schrodinger equation using the finite element method: scattering problem and resonance states


11.00-11.30: Valentin Irtegov and Titorenko Tatiana. On Invariant Manifolds and their Stability in the Problem of Motion of a Rigid Body under the Influence of Two Force Fields 

11.30-12.00: Sergey Gutnik, Anna Guerman and Vasily Sarychev. Application of Computer Algebra Methods to Investigation of Influence of Constant Torque on Stationary Motions of Satellite

12.00-12.30: Zhikun She, Dan Song and Meilun Li. Safety Verification of Hybrid Systems Using Certified Multiple Lyapunov­like Functions